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Dear Experts,

My Sincere thanks for your extended support and great mentorship with System Center Products

I am trying to Perform the Build and Capture and Unable to do getting an error

Very Shortly - We are planning to upgrade the Environment from SCCM 2012 SP2 to SCCM CB 1702 (Upgrade) and also Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10 V1702

To perform the Windows 10 Deployment, trying to perform the Capture Image Wizard with limited sequence, but getting an error while installing SCCM Agent.

Please do the needful.

Console :SCCM 2012 SP2

Target OS : Windows 10 V1607 LTSB

Earlier, tried with Windows 10 V1511, which also failed to install SCCM Agent and do not find the Site Code.

Any advice pls.




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Do you have CU1?


Release Windows 10 management? Windows 10 deployment?
System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Yes, with a hotfix No
System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Yes, with SP2 and CU1 Yes, with SP2, CU1, and the ADK for Windows 10
System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Yes, with SP1 and CU1 Yes, with SP1, CU1, and the ADK for Windows 10

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Thank You .

Since the current environment support up to Windows 10 version V1511, Which organization may need the latest version of Windows.

Environment Build Number : 


SCCM 2012 R2 SP1.

No Cumulative update is installed on my environment. May be Is this the reason that, Build and Capture is not working?


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Yes I think it will be a good thing to upgrade your SCCM ;)

Another point, because it's a build and capture TS, I suppose you are in Workgroup, you have to specify the Management Point in otherwise your computer couldn't find your MP.

Task => Setup Windows and Configuration => SMSMP="yourMP"

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Thank You Greg, for your quick support and help.

The Command Line for Client Package Installation is just as follows




Please suggest, is this Client is correct.

I hope, the CU is getting performed, We should be good to proceed. Am I correct?

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It's a good article to create a capture media, in my point of view if your problem is the client version, it will temporary "resolve" your problem, you will be able to capture. But when you will try to perform a new deployment of your capture on a computer, the client install will fail again. 

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