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How to gain visibility to control Microsoft License Costs

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 We can all recognize that Microsoft licensing is not only complex, but can change at any given moment across hundreds of different products. Implementing an effective software management program is important to keep on top of these changes, avoid audits, and help save your organization tens of thousands of dollars annually by providing clear data visibility to reclaim under-utilized software licenses.

Many organizations rely on manual processes and programs like Excel to track software assets with limited visibility to software usage – a time consuming and error-prone process that produces inaccurate and incomplete data. Others try to leverage Software Metering and Inventory Data within Microsoft Configuration Manager to gain insight into their assets. While a step in the right direction, this also does not provide a complete or accurate picture to optimize spend and reduce risks. Attempting to cleanse and manually normalize the raw inventory data from Configuration Manager while trying to keep up with the Microsoft Licensing rules for each product that could change at any given moment can be extremely time consuming.

 So how do you gain control of your Microsoft licensing?

 Cireson believes managing Microsoft software licensing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. This is why they recently released True Software Asset Management for Microsoft Licensing, a beautiful and simple solution that natively integrates with Microsoft Configuration Manager to leverage your existing investment. True Software Asset Management helps with every stage of the SAM journey, from importing and managing your asset data, to data normalization with the Global Content Library, and finally providing the ability to truly manage compliance and optimize spend with visibility to your calculated license position leveraging the License Calculation Engine.  With the data you need at your fingertips, everyone in the organization can make informed decisions for Enterprise Agreement renewals, contract negotiations, as well as license reclamation and redistribution as needed.

Benefits include:

  • Automatically calculate your Microsoft license position
  • Ensure compliance
  • Optimize spend
  • Normalize software data with the powerful Global Content Library
  • Identify opportunities to reclaim under-utilized licenses
  • Provide visibility to excess licenses
  • Prepare for upcoming Enterprise Agreement renewals
  • Understand license position for improved contract negotiations
  • Leverage product use rights to reduce consumption
  • Connect Microsoft Configuration Manager to bring in device data

How True Software Asset Management can help solve Microsoft licensing challenges across your organization.

No matter your job function, True Software Asset Management puts the data you need at your fingertips to reduce costs and ensure compliance of your Microsoft license estate. Take a look at some common challenges solved by role.

 SAM Manager

  • Automatically calculate Microsoft license compliance
  • Eliminate time intensive and manual product license calculations
  • Optimize spend with an accurate, complete picture of your Microsoft license data
  • Reduce errors from manually maintaining license entitlement data

Procurement Manager

  • Improve contract negotiations with accurate Microsoft license data
  • Reduce spend on renewals and under-utilized applications
  • Make informed purchase decisions with better visibility into license data
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IT Management

  • Ongoing visibility to under-utilized, non-compliant and excess licenses
  • Prepare audit defense
  • Reduce costs of unbudgeted true-ups
  • Forecast software needs and create annual budgets with accurate Microsoft license data
  • Leverage your existing SCCM investment with direct integration into True SAM

IT Administrator

  • Reduce time to manage, maintain, and support your SAM solution
  • Automatically track credentials and network access for Server applications
  • Gain accurate, real-time reporting
  • Schedule data import with preconfigured connectors to SCCM, Active Directory, Office 365, or CSV files

Get started with a free demo today or take True SAM for a spin in the online demo lab


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