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I would like to have a little advice about upgrading path..  (we want to start using windows 10 1709)

Currently sccm2012r2 sp1 5.00.8239.1000 on a Windows server 2012r2. 2 DC's in our domain also windows server 2012r2.
Should I upgrade to sccm 1710 or should I build a new server with windows server 2016 and purchase sccm 2016? 


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you can upgrade directly but you'll need to be running a supported version of SQL server,

the path to SCCM 1710CB is roughly as follows

  • upgrade SQL to a supported version
  • Upgrade SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 to SCCM 1702CB
  • Upgrade SCCM 1702 CB to SCCM 1710CB
  • Apply the SCCM 1710CB hotfix

you can also do an inplace upgrade of server 2012r2 to server 2016 but you'll need to uninstall WSUS 3.2 first and reinstall WSUS after the upgrade

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All up to date now. Thanks!

I am a little confused though about the SUP and products for windows 10. I am not sure what products to select.
We will only be using windows 10 1709 and up, with only 1 language.

Do I need to select more or deselect some?



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