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OSD Very Slow on new SCCM 1710 Server

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Hi Everyone,

This is such a pain!!!!  We have an old physical server running Windows Server 2008 R2 with an old SCCM install on it.  Working great and OSD takes about 45mins, but we need a new one to support Windows 10.

We have built a new SCCM server on Windows Server 2016 running SCCM 1710 (latest updates, ADK, MDT etc etc).  This server has way more CPU and RAM than the old one, and using it is super fast.

The only issue is with imaging new machines, booting from PXE.  We have ensured the HV server has the latest nic drivers, disabled virtual machine queues, set TFTP window and buffer sizes on the SCCM server but it's SOOOOO slow!

The actual PXE part is fast and seems to get the boot image in under 1min.  Then once in WinPE everything crawls.  The first part of the task sequence is the MDT toolkit which can take over 30mins to download.  The next bit when it downloads the .wim file (10gb) IS fast and gets that in around 2mins?  but then the driver package again (like the toolkit) can take over 30mins.  Very strange.

any ideas?

If we leave things alone, the machines do image....but take a few hours!



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Thanks Andy,

Just managed to get it fixed.  Stumbled across a similar post on technet.  I had to tick the "allow anonymous access" on the DP.  It's super fast now.


It seems for whatever reason the MDT toolkit package takes ages with this unticked.  Even the MS engineer who initially found the fix was stumped as to why.

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