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Hi, starting working in a place to look after W10 builds/SCCM but the GPO are in a right mess, i am after a method (power-shell script ?) to give me a readable document of ALL the group policies. i  used a similar tool to document SCCM setup. I understand i can do GPRESULT /H but i need need something from a global point of view and ideally in word format. 

Any Suggestions most welcome.


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Check out following link Active Directory: How to Export Group Policy Settings using PowerShell


Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Import-Module GroupPolicy
$dc = Get-ADDomainController -Discover -Service PrimaryDC
Get-GPOReport -All -Domain enterprise.com -Server $dc -ReportType HTML -Path C:\Temp\GPOReportsAll.html

Make sure you have the required modules installed. 

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