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Windows won't update after applying image?

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Background (Using SCCM CBB 1802, MDT & Deployment share on a physical computer, and the image is Windows 10 LTSB 1607)

Two part question:

I am capturing my Windows 10 image using MDT. The MDT TS installs Windows, then checks and installs windows updates, next it installs office 2016 - run windows updates again - sysprep and capture. - Entire TS runs without a hitch.

Then that image is imported into SCCM, then being deployed to new computers. Once completed with OSD (which shows no errors), I receive the following issue when attempting to check for updates:

Windows Update failed to check for updates with error 0x8024500C.
Error    5/8/2018 2:06:54 PM    WindowsUpdateClient    25    Windows Update Agent

What could be causing this? Is it a result of running the WIndows update steps during my MDT process?


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