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Manually publish/download 3rd party updates from catalog

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I am running 1806 and have configured the "third-party software update catalogs".  I can see the lists and download smaller packages.  I am using the default HP list since I have HP computers.  I am trying to download larger sp's; however, like usual, HP's host site keeps pausing and that causes the publish option (or downloading) to fail in the logs.

Example from log:

[69, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:33:22] :SyncUpdate: 'Intel Video Driver and Control Panel [15.65.5018.WS1] (Update:'00004850-0000-0000-5350-000000087555' Vendor:'HP Business Clients' Product:'Driver')' is synchronized to WSUS without content, revision to add content is required.
[69, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:33:22] :SyncUpdate: Checking if certificate is registered for server pusadg216.flexco.com
[69, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:33:22] :SyncUpdate: 00004850-0000-0000-5350-000000087555 - Downloading file: 'http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp87501-88000/sp87555.exe' to 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\ISVTemp\pspw2ejp.wfz\sp87555.exe'.
[82, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:33:36] :SyncUpdate: 00004850-0000-0000-5350-000000087555 - Download of is 6 percent completed.
[78, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:33:51] :SyncUpdate: 00004850-0000-0000-5350-000000087555 - Download of is 12 percent completed.
[83, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:34:43] :SyncUpdate: 00004850-0000-0000-5350-000000087555 - Download of is 18 percent completed.
[83, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:35:13] :SyncUpdate: 00004850-0000-0000-5350-000000087555 - Download of is 24 percent completed.
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: An unexpected error ocurred attempting to download content from 'http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp87501-88000/sp87555.exe':
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: ==================== Exception Detail Start =======================
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: Exception type: WebException
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: Exception HRESULT: -2146233079
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: Exception Message: The request was aborted: The request was canceled.
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: Exception source System
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: Exception TargetSite Int32 EndRead(System.IAsyncResult)
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: Stack    at System.Net.ConnectStream.EndRead(IAsyncResult asyncResult)
   at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadBitsReadCallbackState(DownloadBitsState state, IAsyncResult result)
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
   at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()
   at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.ISVUpdatesSyncAgent.DownloadManager.Request.<DownloadFileAsync>d__24.MoveNext()
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: ===================== Exception Detail End ========================
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: The download request was cancelled due to timeout, verify the download can be downloaded successfully and try again.
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: WebException status : 'RequestCanceled
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: 00004850-0000-0000-5350-000000087555 - Download of update 00004850-0000-0000-5350-000000087555 failed, unable to continue
[81, PID:9488][09/06/2018 09:39:22] :SyncUpdate: 00004850-0000-0000-5350-000000087555 - Completed.

Is there a way for me to download the sp patches manually and inject them into the system so that the system sees them as if it downloaded them? the issue has to do with how the URL for downloading from HP works.  It is an http://ftp... link which seems to be the issue. If I go straight to Filezilla using the FTP portion, it downloads very quick.  If I cannot manually inject the sp's, can I change the timeout for downloads? General searches have not yielded results I was looking for.  Thanks.


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It's been a while since I did this... but long long ago... I used to work with SMS (yeah, it was SMS, not CM yet) in a disconnected environment, so I had to sneakernet patches over.   So this is 10+ years old memory.. but it went something like this.

You manually downloaded the File--and you can tell what File it wants because you right-click properties on that individual update, and went to "Content Information", and looked at the information there. 

So let's say it wanted http://www.hp.com/downloadme/SuperImportant.v1.1.1.exe

So you grabbed that yourself, outside of CM using Internet Explorer or Firefox or something, and have it.  and put it on \\YourServer\ManuallyDownloaded

right-click that update, download... select the CM package to store it in, next.

Now, for "Download Location", do NOT just click "next", where it's saying "Download software updates from the internet".  You want to change that to download software updates from a location on my network; and browse or type in \\YourServer\ManuallyDownloaded


And... hope that I kinda sorta maybe remembered all the steps I had to do.  I probably forgot something critical.

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Looks like from what I can see, when you publish third-party content, the system then downloads it.  In that process, if the server you are downloading from (in my case HP) throttles or pauses, after 30 seconds the connection is reset and the downloads fail.  Seems to be on the larger downloads mostly.  I know it is HP's servers, but I have not found a way to change the 30 second timeout for SUP downloads.  Any ideas out there?

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