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VBS from SCCM Packages

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Hi all,

i'm trying to deploy a VBS from a SCCM Package .

My vbs is placed in a network share avaible from all clients (\\SCCM\Sources\Applications\script\script.vbs) .

Source folder on Package's properties is: \\SCCM\Sources\Applications\script\ ; in distribution settings i've selected "Automatically download content when packages are assigned to distribution points" and distribuite it to all my distribution points (content status 100% success).

After this i've created a program with command line: cscript "script.vbs" , run Hidden and without requirements.  So i've deployed the program in "required" mode but it doesn't work .


On my clients, the execmgr.log is full of this lines:

<![LOG[Raising client SDK event for class CCM_Program, instance CCM_Program.PackageID="PKG00080",ProgramID="MyScript", actionType 1l, value NULL, user NULL, session 4294967295l, level 0l, verbosity 30l]LOG]!><time="15:13:30.309-120" date="09-24-2018" component="execmgr" context="" type="1" thread="8976" file="Event.cpp:529">

Can you help me?


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