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Deploy and capture Windows 10 v1809 from MDT

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Has anyone been successful with deploying Windows 10 v1809 with MDT 8450 ? I can not get the TS to work with this windows version, it just throws me a blank screen


If i pick another windows version it works just fine


Above TS for example is Windows 10 v1803 and its no problem deploying and capture this version. I have updated the ADK to 1809 (10.1.17763.1)

Any ideas or anyone managed to deploy this windows version?

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If you are seeing this when booted into WinPE, and not running the task sequence from within Windows 10 1809 OS, the issue is likely the WIM file being used by MDT to build the WinPE boot WIM being pushed out by your WDS server.

By default MDT will use the WIM from the most up-to-date OS installed.  In your case, that will be Windows 10 1809.  This can cause unintended issues, as you've just experienced.

To fix the issue, you will need to make sure you have the 1803 ADK installed and make a change to MDT and do a full Deployment Share Update.
Change is detailed here:  http://stonywall.com/2016/11/14/mdt-2013-update-2-not-using-adk-for-winpe-boot/

After updating the Deployment Share, don't forget to replace your WDS boot WIM with the newly created one in <MDT Install Folder>\<DeploymentShareName>\boot\  (e.g. D :\DeploymentShare\Boot\ )

Hope this helps you out.

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Hey Stonywall

Thank you for the tips but its not working. I have changed back and forth from booting from Win-PE or ADK version 1803 or 1809 (currently 1803 installed now) but all tests gives me a blank screen for the TS for win10 1809. It doesnt matter anymore now since Microsoft pulled that version so we will see when the new working build get released if i will have the same issue then.


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