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Autodesk BDSP deployment

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Hi everyone, I have come across a question RE application deployment recently and I am wondering if anyone here would be able to help. One of my colleagues has been working on Autodesk deployment for our organisation, as you may know, the size of Autodesk installer sometimes can be ridiculously large, therefore, he decided to save all the install files and folders on a file server, for example \\fileserver\AutodeskBDSP2018\ (not the usual place hosting all SCCM sourcefiles), then he created a batch file with cmdlet as below and saved under SCCM sourcefile directory.

"\\fileserver\AutodeskBDSP2018\Img\Setup.exe" /w /qb /I \\fileserver\AutodeskBDSP2018\Img\AECRevit2018.ini /Trial /language en-us

On SCCM, he created a new Application deployment and used the batch file as Installation program, distributed the batch file ONLY to the DP, then deployed to a user collection. However, the deployment did not seem to display on Software Center at all. I have helped check all the logs for Application deployment, but couldn't find anything useful. Frankly I have never done any application or package deployment this way, I am just wondering whether this method is doable over SCCM. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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