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Multiple Task Sequence for PXE Boot

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We have been using the guides on this site for over 2 years without issues, but for some reason I can't find a guide that helps me through this issue.

We have been deploying Win 10 Enterprise 2016 without issues (Add PC and MAC to SCCM, add new computer to group, boot PC to PXE and done....)

We want to deploy Win 10 v1803.  Here is what I did;

  1. Added the OS to SCCM - Distributed Content
  2. Copied the OS Task Sequence for 2016, named it 2019
  3. Edited 2019. The only change the OS to Apply to the 2019
  4. Deployed 2019 to the same groups (Unknown Computers and Deploy Windows 10)

PC booted into PXE as expected, but is ONLY presented with the 2019 Task. Task 2016 is gone.  If I disable the 2019 Task, the computer is rejected and doesn't boot.

Is these something that I"m missing?  Why if I copy a Task does it no longer show? Is there a "special" guide to have multiple OS task Sequences presented to the PC?

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