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SCCM Integration with Store For Business

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Hey Everyone, we just recently upgrade to CB 1806 and are now looking at integrating with Store for Business.   I've never been through the process before so I'm hoping some veterans can provide some insight.   Our current SCCM site is running on Windows Server 2012R2, as well as SQL Server 2012.  Our windows server and DBA admins will not entertain the idea of in place upgrade for the server OS nor SQL (and I'm not fond of that idea either).   So...likely by summer we'll be standing up a new SCCM site on newer version of Server OS, SQL server, and hardware.   

Finally... my question is.... if I go ahead today and link our existing site to our tenant and store for business... What kind of headaches can I expect when I try to link our new site to our tenant for Store for Business?... Or is there any headaches at all? (Is there anything stored "cloud site" that cares which SCCM site is connecting to it?



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