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Reports results vs Installed Apps (Hardware INV)

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Trying to figure out the mismatch here.

I have an app (installed outside of ProgramFiles/x86 - C:\myApp).

The "Reports: Software - Companies and Products > computers with a specific product" will return for example Office 2016 systems but not my app installed in the root of the drive.

Now if I open the "Hardware Inventory - Installed Applications" on a computer with both apps installed, I can see my app that is installed to the root of the drive as well as Office 2016.


Is there a config change needed to show apps not installed within ProgramFiles/x86 within the Reports?


At this juncture I do not need to do anything but generate info. Creating a collection based on the GIUD/Version seems like too much overhead until a capture of the systems is actually needed to do the needful to needy.



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Look at the report called Count of all instances of software registered with Add or Remove Programs.. this should give you what you want. 


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