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In-Tune Vs SCCM - Enrollment/Deployment

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Hey guys,

In short, I'm trying to figure out if I can streamline automation, and deployment process with our current SCCM (current branch 1802) infrastructure.

Long story, we are currently piloting In-Tune.  Microsoft pitched it as, "this will cut deployment time down to 10 minutes, or less, and you can pull new devices out of the box and pretty much have them ready to go within that same time frame".  After the past month or so of testing, we are finding that's not necessarily the case.  Devices need to be in OOBE state and don't always necessarily go through the first pass.  When they don't go through, they need to be reset which then adds the lengthy 40-minute time-frame plus the 10 minute provisioning.  There also seems to be a lack of information for us to troubleshoot errors (unless this is more of a training issue), which ends up creating many additional calls between Microsoft and our team.

We have a functional SCCM environment, with packaged apps, etc.  I've seen the MDM option in SCCM, but haven't played with it too much.  I believe I should be able to Enroll new OOBE wireless devices similar to the way we would with In-Tune using these tools (but keep the devices on prem).  My question is hopefully not too vague, is this process pretty well streamlined in config manager?  Is there a way to initiate the same device reset that In-Tune can with newer variants of Windows 10?  Each of our techs manages between 1000-2000 devices, so I'm trying to simplify things for them and increase productivity.

If you have any insight or experience with testing both of these, please feel free to share.



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