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Application not present is Software Center on some computers

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I have collections for computers on each floor in our building. They are correctly populated. Multiple packages have been created and successfully deployed over the last couple of years.

I have a new package that I have created and deployed to all floor collections.  I've used both "Available" and "Required" in the deployments that I've attempted.  We are getting a ~50% deployment success across the building.

I've spot checked some of the computers that did NOT receive the application. I confirm that the SCCM agent is installed and functioning properly. However the app. is NOT present in Software Center. I've tried multiple deployments. The result is repeatable.  On the machines in question, the SCCM agent is correctly installed and Software Center shows other packages, just not the one in question.  It is set for immediate availability. 

Cache is not full, EXECMGR and CCMEXEC logs don't show errors that indicate to me that there should be a problem.  The package information is not showing up in the logs.  

Assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Try to refresh existing deployments (like add admin comments).


i lost the link, but similar issue exist on high performance machines, there was the script that need to be executed on affected machines 

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