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Autopilot and Deployment profiles

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Hi All,

This is about to make me crazy. 

I want to have (atleast) two deployment profiles (Autopilot) for student computers. One profile for computers With a primary user device and a profile for computers where there are multiple users.

I have made two AAD Device (Security) Groups.

One Group that adds all the Devices that are autopilot imported. This Group adds all Devices that are single user Devices. And should Excludes second group

Second Group should include Devices that have multiple users -  based on OrderID. I have made a Dynamic Membership rule "(device.devicePhysicalIds -any _ -eq "[OrderID]:Elev-Felles")" . Added "OrderID" in the imported Autopilot.csv file,  With "Elev-Felles" behind the hardwareID sting. (The Autopilot import files looks like: Device Serial Number,Windows Product ID,Hardware Hash,OrderID and last part of the hardwareID is  ,Elev-Felles)

But I cant get the imported Devices to "join" second Group. I am getting the Deployement profile made for first Group. 

I've tried both OrderID, Purchase ID, Group Tag. Cant get non of them to work.  

Any tips on what I should try? or what I am doing wrong? 


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