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Windows 10 1903 Language Deployment - Issue

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I am attempting to create and deploy a single universal OSD task sequence in SCCM (current branch) in my organization and will install and apply the appropriate language(and other regional settings) for the region. I have created the task sequence with steps outlined in the thread below. However, Windows 10 version 1903 no longer use standard lp.cab  files but rather use the Features on Demand and appx packages to apply languages. There doesnt appear to be any current documentation on how to accomplish this during OSD using sccm with the change in how Windows applies languages. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Ive attempted to tackle this problem from a few different angles with no luck.

I have also tried the steps outlined below to apply the language/regional settings with similar results.



In addition to this, I created a bat file package which executes the dism commands to load the .cabs and .appx as well as set the other regional settings to no avail. 


Running the DISM commands to manually load the 5 different language cab files and the appx (language experience pack) does not actually change the language, or even make it available in the language selection dropdown in Win10 Settings. The only way to get the new language to appear in the dropdown is to go to the MS store and load it on each individual PC even after manually installing the appx. I really want to automate this, and have whatever regional language set as default, and English as the secondary(if applicable). 








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I have been able to add the appx package to the OSD installation(and the alternate language is available from Language Settings). However my answer file does not autoselect the OS language and the Language Features-on-demand cab files fail to install.

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UPDATE: Success1809-AnswerFile.txtAddLanguage_zh-cn.txt

What I ended up doing is below because other options simply didn’t work right, and there is limited documentation on versions 1809 and 1903. Maybe I can save you some headache. 

MDT "Add Language Packs Offline" referenced in original comment, does not appear to work with newer versions of Windows(1903)/SCCM(1902 and later).

Other options such as adding Language Packs(and other features) using dism /online after OS installation results in the Windows UI remaining the default EN-US language. resetting this setting via Powershell and rundll/xml proved unsuccessful. 


  1. Download the required language packs for my environment. Inject them directly into the offline install.wim via DISM
    1. NOTE: in MS Volume Licensing site, DO NOT select 64-bit or 32-bit when trying to download the Language Packs. You must first select MULTILANGUAGE from the language dropdown, or you will only have 1511 language packs available to download. 
  2. Create an answer file, My answer file is attached for reference.
  3. (EDIT)Add Language Collection variable to "All Unknown Computers" device collection, and leave value blank, and uncheck "do not display this value". Screen shot below
    1. This will add the Language variable field when your start the image process
  4. Set Language Variables using the Set Dynamic Variables after Apply OS but before Setup Windows and Config mgr (screenshot below)
    1. I added a step to use English by default if none of the rules proved true
  5. I created a package containing all the new language features for each language, Each package with a bat file that runs the series of dism commands (example attached). NOTE, some of the languages do not contain the speech capability.
  6. Added Timezone support using tzutil /s “Timezone name” and keyed it on NTDomain.ClientSiteName attribute (screen below)



EDIT: I forgot to include the Language Collection variable on Unknown Computers collection

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good work dave, if i ever have time to test this and/or the original method i'll verify this, thanks for posting your info.

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Hi Dave, 


Would you mind putting up screen shot of the section of your TS where you created the steps? trying to follow your settings but don't think my variables are getting set in the right place. Also do you have the step that runs the DISM commands right after the variable setting? 

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