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Dell 5290 2 in 1 USB dell dongle and nvme drive

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We currently have over 30 desktops, laptops and tablets models and never have any issues with sccm. Using currently version 1906 with 1809 boot image using windows 10 image. All computers go through the process with no issues except this new model of dell tablets. We are able to deploy just fine on the 5285 with no issues and they use m.2 sata drives. This new model is using nvme with is the only difference I see between these. When I try to boot up, it searches just fine using either legacy or uefi but right when its about to find the boot image to run before tasking task sequence, it goes to the menu where it is asking to retry boot pressing f1, got to bios f2, etc... 

I have tried pretty much everything I can thing of including injecting the newest dell windows pxe drivers and no luck. The options dell provide for this laptop to make changes in the bios didnt work either. I am able to see ipv4 and ipv6 just fine when pxe it just doesnt go pass the package where it grabs the boot image.  I am not able to find logs for this since it all happens right before the task sequence starts. 

Any help would be appreciate it. 

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