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I am having big problems with the implementation of a mbr2gpt step in an win7 to win10 upgrade TS. We want to update our Windows 7 machines, mainly Dell Precision 5810 and 5820 to windows 10 1903, and so far I have managed to succesfully implement every step that we need (well almost) but this mbr2gpt simply fails. I have a tread open on technet forums with all the infos: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/cdadd583-0853-4b34-a073-2e87fd950acf/mbr2gpt-cannot-find-os-partition?forum=ConfigMgrCBOSD

I am aware of the problem with 1903 and reagent.dlls having to be implemented in the boot.wim - I have done this step and implemented the files according to the article on docs.microsoft.com but still receive and error "Cannot find OS partitions for disk 0". The disk is a simple windows 7 layout consisting of a reserved 100mb boot partition and C: partition.

Any thoughts? has anybody done this successfully without a 3rd party app? Powershell? I have no user state migration in sccm.



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Are you able to disable the step for mbr2gpt and as a test run mbr2gpt /convert /allowfullos from within Windows? 

Are you using the MDT TS or a SCCM default TS (Task Sequence) 

Where are you placing the Run Command Line step ? 




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