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Account artifacts remain after removal of domain in SCCM 1902

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We recently decommissioned a domain and removed Group, User, and System discovery methods and the Active Directory Forest from SCCM. However after everything was removed the accounts still show up. 2 accounts are still showing up in  Administration -> Security -> Accounts it still shows the "Active Directory group discovery agent" and "Active Directory forest discovery agent" accounts.

Running Site version: 5.0.8790.100 (1902)
Does anyone know of a good method to clean up these accounts so they do not show up anymore?

Since I have not found a tool/procedure to fix this yet I have been looking at purging the records from the database manually. I do not want to use this method unless I have to.
I was planning on removing records from the following databases as they all have the accounts referenced in a row.

ActiveDirectoryForests # forest still is listed as tombstoned
SC_UserAccount # shows the account and hashed password
SC_UserAccount_Property # shows the Active Directory for the decommissioned domain

vSMS_SC_AccountUsage # I am still figuring out what dependent tables would need to be adjusted.

Has anyone had to do this? Have you seen any issues from purging this data manually?


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