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SCCM 1910 - PXE Boot 0xc0000001

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Hi gents.

I'm pulling my hair out, whole of last week and this week I'm using OSD to deploy PC's for a new contract.

Few hours ago all stopped working, any PC or laptop, intel, hp, lenovo. All fail with this error.

Nothing on my environment changed.

Some research takes me to the March 2019 CU update. It is not installed on my server.

Both these registry keys were set back to default with no difference on the outcome.



I also tried this suggestion: https://andys-tech.blog/2019/03/wds-required-device-isnt-connected-or-cant-be-accessed/


The error reads:

Status: 0xc0000001

Info: A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.

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I remember this error was some system patches released in March or May last year, updated and then caused this error. Later, a fix patch released by Microsoft around October resolved the sccm pxe boot error.
In addition, does the boot integrate the VMXNET3 network card driver? The TFTP accelerated startup mode is modified to try to adjust parameters according to the respective corporate network environment.

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