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Hi Everyone,

My First Post Here :)

For a while, I'm trying to find on the web some guidance for my lab, how to skip the task sequence selection window in WINPE and go straight to imaging -- Example Collection: Win10 -> Task sequence Win10 or Collection Server 2016 -> Task sequence Server 2016

The only tip I found was to to create a VBScript and apply in the Boot Image  cscript AutoStartOSD.vbs

Set DefaultOSDTS = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment")
DefaultOSDTS("SMSPreferredAdvertID") = "XXXXX"


Any help will be appreciated


Thank you !

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if you want to remove choice then simply deploy the task sequence with a purpose of Required, but, be warned, be very careful about what collection you deploy any required task sequences too because they are Mandatory and can cause all sorts of issues if you get your queries wrong, or if you target a collection with many computers inside...

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