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I am currently managing 2 companies that have a 2 way domain trust. These companies are sister companies but have separated infrastructure. They each have their own network; physical and logical, domain controllers, etc. I installed SCCM on Domain A and currently do not have infrastructure setup to install SCCM on Domain B so initially I setup SCCM with HTTP but moved to PKI/HTTPS last week. Everything on Domain A is going well but today all systems in Domain B have become unmanageable which I found out when troubleshooting installing the SCCM client on a VM in Azure on Domain B.


I need help on how to get Domain B to be managed via SCCM from Domain A. I have setup PKI on both domains but I am getting errors related to Certs/IIS. Well from what I have researched it is but all the solutions in my research only apply to SCCM on 1 domain, not multi-domains. The 2 domains can traverse over the network to access other network resources like a file share for an example. Therefor I know connectivity is there between the 2. Now this is where my ignorance kicks in. I setup SCCM with Trusted Root Certificate Authorities on the Communication Security tab in Administration>Site Configuration>Sites>Properties. I specified Domain A CA and created Certificate profiles in Assets and Compliance. I have since removed them to see if that resolved my issue but it has not so I am debating if I configure this again or not. I decided I will review that at a later date. 

I have attached the log from ccmsetup.exe that failed on the VM on Domain B. If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it as I am trying to manage all systems in both domains remotely because of Covid-19. In an ideal world I would prefer to have infrastructure in place for me to have SCCM on both domains, installed and disregard the cross-forest/domain setup but there are no more money trees to pick from.


Thank you in advance!!

If you need further information from me, please let me know.



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