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If i am posting in a wrong section please forgive me.


I am looking for some help with setting GPO for IE8 or "migrating old GPO from IE6"


Is there a process of migrating? Or setting test GPO for IE8?


Converting current .adm files "inetres.adm" to .admx and copy to %SystemRoot%\system32\GroupPolicy\Adm" on windows 7 for testing is enough?


Please point me in a proper direction.


Thank you.

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i know that where I work we had to set some local policies for IE8 in windows 7 which was done by copying over the files into c:\windows\system32\grouppolicy


have you tried that ?


remember however that the domain group policy will override local group policy so why not set it there instead

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Thank you for reply.

By converting and copy files to the server will that apply older policy to IE8?

I've never set GPO before. IS there any way to control which container sets GPO for IE8? If there are multiple versions of the browser used?


Thnk you for any help.

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