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The migration of sccm2002 management center site and main site to AlwaysOn environment causes problems

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AlwaysOn server multi-instance, 2 member servers
W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER    1433,4022
W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER2 1633,4023
W2019-SCCMDB2\MSSQLSERVER  1433,4022
W2019-SCCMDB2\MSSQLSERVER2 1633,4023

AlwayOn-DB 5022 5044 port
AlwayOn-DB2 5023 5045 port


First migrate the management center site to W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER2. Everything is fine, even if the members of the alwayson database are restarted.
After the management center site completes the restoration of active replication status,
I am migrating the main site database to W2019-SCCMDB1\MSSQLSERVER. If the AlwaysOn database member server is restarted at this time, this situation will reappear, and I discovered this problem when I shut down the failover.
Once the AlwaysOn database member server is restarted, the management center site must fail to connect, and the SQL cannot be connected. It seems that it is caused by the SQL certificate problem? If you clear the certificate in the sql configuration tool, the MSSQLSERVER2 instance can be connected, but then the CAS console cannot be connected.
Don't know what is going on here?




CAS al3.png
















At present, the W2019-SCCMDB2 server has been restarted and the SQL connection login failure occurs.
W2019-SCCMDB1 can still be used normally because it has not been restarted. Whether SCCM cannot host the SCCM site database in the AlwaysON environment with multiple instances, this problem will surely recur.
I don’t know how to check the problem. Is it the SCCM certificate problem or the SQL AlwaysON problem?


It is guessed that it is caused by the SQL certificate. Since the main site was the last to migrate, the SQL certificate generated by the main site will invalidate the SQL certificate generated by the previous management center site?



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