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Migrate bitlocker from Mbam to sccm with TPM key

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Hi, We need to Migrate Bitlocker from MABAM to SCCM (Mbam integrate) but I can't seem to find information on if it will move the TPM key to SCCM or not.

We are running SCCM 2002 (soon to be upgraded to 2009)
MBAM server is 2.3 (We are in process of upgrading this to 2.5)

We would like to integrate MBAM with SCCM but also migrate recover key + TPM key.
I know recovery key will be moved but will the TPM key moved too, if not how do I move the TPM key without re-encrypting the drive.

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are you referring to the TPM hash ? if so read here


TPM password hash

  • Previous MBAM clients don't upload the TPM password hash to Configuration Manager. The client only uploads the TPM password hash once.

  • If you need to migrate this information to the Configuration Manager recovery service, clear the TPM on the device. After it restarts, it will upload the new TPM password hash to the recovery service.

Uploading of the TPM password hash mainly pertains to versions of Windows prior to Windows 10. Windows 10 by default does not save the TPM password hash so therefore does not normally upload the TPM password hash. For more information, see About the TPM owner password.

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