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I just created a lab with 1 AD server and 1 CM server hosting the SQL server service and wsus. After the install I want to upgrade to 2010 directly but I have some network/auth complications with the prerequisite check

For some reason there's a 'GetFileSize' error on a file which seems to be related to the pt-BR language as everything is en-US based on the servers:


I attached the logfiles. I enabled 'named pipes'


I disabled all firewall



But the prequisite check is still running


How can I stop/restart this?

CMUpdate.log distmgr.log

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Ok I found the issue. It was a combination 🙂

I changed some rights in SQL for the installation user and system account to be able to write to the DB. And finally removed an extra nic adapter used for internet access. It's going further now but I have another error:


This can be solved by opening an admin session on SQL but I have an errormessage:



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Ok, without doing anything the connection came on and was green. I then executed following sql:

EXEC spDiagChangeTracking @CleanupChangeTracking = 1

And redo the prerequisite check and all was good. The upgrade to 2010 went super 🙂

Case closed

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I'm glad you sorted it out, thanks for posting your findings

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