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Failed to run Task Sequence

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After updating from 5.009040.1000 to 5.009040.1019 I am having problems imaging some endpoints.

errors I get are Failed to run Task Sequence:  0x8007000F, 0x80004005, and 0x80070490.

I also get a screen now that I never got before.  see Attached Ready to Start.  I have looked through your knowledge base but am not getting this figured out.  I am also attaching a screen shot of About Microsoft EndPoint Config Manager.  Any help would be appreciated.



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if this is a reimage, i would try running disport on the machine. that should get rid of the your error message. open a command prompt and run these commands

Select disk 0
Convert gpt
Create partition efi size=200
Assign letter=s
Format quick fs=FAT32
Create partition msr size=128
Create partition primary
Assign letter=c
Format quick fs=NTFS



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SCCM will create an UNKNOWN under devices every time I try.  The media I use is created with Rufus and creates a partition.  Not sure how to create new media because I use the ISO created when running the LiteTouch.vbs.  

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