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Application deployment issues

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I had a script install application deployed to a device collection group of about 200+ devices, the purpose install is set to "Required" as its replacing the older version, after a day I noticed on the |Number Errors| tab that about 180 errored, then I checked the \windows\logs\sccm\logs>> the installer can not find the path. the compliance is just 2.5% for two days now 

I went back to the script and confirmed the UNC path of the installer is incorrect in comparison to the test group I was using. so I corrected this and updated the deployment


I checked the Monitoring\deployments\ and opened the deployment \error code is 0x87D00213(-0216411117) time out occurred for 35 assets

Then Deployment failed for 114 assets |status-Error| |Error code 0x643(1603) fatal error during installation 

Deployment failed 29 assets 0x87D01106 (-2016407290) failed to verify the executable file is valid to construct the associated command line 

The deployment failed 2 assets |status -Error| |Error- code 0xC000013A (-1073741510) Unknown Error (-1073741510)

Then  Evaluation failed 1 assets |status-Error| |Error code 0x87D00314 (-2016410860) CI Version info time out 

Failed to locate content 7 Assets |status-Error| |Error code 0x80070057 (-2147024809) The parameter is incorrect..  

Am kind of stuck between deleting the deployment and starting all over again or should I wait for the 7day cycle to pick up the changes I made when I corrected the UNC path?

some of the devices on the query have picked up the application and it worked, so I am not sure why its taking so long for the other devices to pick up the application after the change I made.


My test group was working but after adding another device to the test group so I can compare the result with the live deployment, I noticed the test group too is not longer deploying 

now having error on the device added as 0x87D01106 (-201607290) Failed to verify the executable file is valid or to construct the association 


Any advice and information tips from your wealth of knowledge is very much welcomed. thanks 




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