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I can't deploy application to any device collections (new or existing applications)

I can deploy application to any user collections



someone moved 20 GB of filelib to another drive to cleared disk space issue. He moved the folders back two weeks later but didn't fix the problem sccmcontenlib\filelib


an  SCCM instructor advised me to restore the VM (primary system and sql)

all the components and site status are green.

I followed the instructions on the link below trying to find the problem to no avail. I attached the logs files the article refers to.


I am also waiting for the SQL team to look at the problem.

The restore of the vm is scheduled for the  last week of June. I have a few weeks to fix it before the restore date.


the client doesn't find any new policy when query the MP. It finds all other existing policy 

Because I can deploy application to user collection, install windows update confirms the boundary are setup correctly and all ports are open

I can deploy application to users collection

I can deploy windows updates

I can ran reports

I can create application and packages

I can distribute anything without any errors

The database in monitoring overview site hierarchy is green

thank you in advance








Objreplmgr log file.docx Policypv log file.docx SMS provider log.docx

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