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Clients not getting self singed certs

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So I reinstalled both MP's one I did the HTTPS to HTTP and my main wouldn't take so I completed deleted via the SCCM console and re added it

Was getting the same errors So i went back to the tell it to look for the SMS string under the PKI and also without both give me the same type of errors


Here is the SMS


Just sits and never registers the client. Client Certificate None

Here is the CCMecec on the SMS



This a Failed to raise pending event as ClientID is not available, I have looked and not found many working links for this issue.


Same Error type of my other machine



Same Ccmexec.log error



Two different machines 

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So I wasn't getting anywhere with the self singed so I changed over to HTTPS and did the full patchmypc PKI guide




Can you confirm it's getting the PKI cert correctly here also it's still stuck on Client registration. I'm going to do a reboot after hours to see if that will fix the issue. 

I think the PKI is working from this log; I'm able to view the IIS from each site goes to the correct page boundries are good. I hope I don't have a messed up IIS setting or something

I did changed over the required SSL cert and set the correct certs to ignore. 

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take a look at my two posts here, they cover everything you need to convert to https, they'll cover a bit more than Justins excellent video, so do please verify you didn't miss anything

also, keep in mind that certs can expire, and when they do you'll have issues, like this


if you want to really test PKI is working then try pxe boot (operating system deployment), if it fails you'll see it failing quickly in the logs, and that'll be a clue that you've missed something,

also, on PKI managed clients, your configmgr client agent should report that the client is PKI, like this...


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I was still getting the same clients just never installing just sitting on registration even with PKI

I even manually added the PKI from AD and the clients did the same thing; as I posted above so i went back to E http and it's still doing the same thing.

I'm trying to get someone at Microsoft support to help me out; running out of ideas before I have to just scrap this and rebuild.

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Question i did the whole reinstall this is NONE pki; i'm staying with EHTTP as I can't open my pki stuff with our network team at this time. Why do I have a cert under the SMS I had the system recreate it; still getting the same errors


Small update I have a pending ticket with MS support about this and noticed another person reddit with the same issue as me; I think it has to do with the certs expiring and not being created correctly. Still fishing for more. But I'll update this thread so once I get it solved with a solution. I'm still open to ideas. Ms support is a bit slow.



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Update still waiting on MS did a another reinstall watched the logs ensured all permission are correct

I have both of Sites setup this way


So question. 

Can I go to the \Administration\Overview\Security\Certificates

And Just import this SMS into the Certificate folders I know this should be done automatically?

I want to make sure the thumbprint matches my SMS in the SMS folder or the one in personal.

Can someone confirm with me if I can do this and the correct ones to match up?

I also made sure i didn't have anything being blocked in my \Administration\Overview\Security\Certificates still getting the same errors from clients not registering 

My clients just do this


They never register just sleep and retry forever; done clean install; deleted machine keys ect; different strings restart SMS ect same issue.

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The best solution I can give someone with this error is make sure your IIS is setup correct

I had noticed that the SMS_MP directory browser everything bit Long Date should be checked make sure it's applied

Make sure you have the proper security options for the SMS_MP properties





Your Site System

I then reinstalled the MP let the certs re create themselves

I had to reboot my server see the certs to 443 like I did above

I'm getting self singed certs now on most few machines still giving me issue but most are getting them.



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