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Verify OCSP Status - Error

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Let's start this with a disclaimer: I'm a complete noob in AD. I need an AD to test something else and I've followed step by step the configuration in this guide:


Everything was going very smoothly until I reached "4.7 Verify OCSP Status" and the status of the Enterprise PKI Console was "Error". I've tried to fix it by revoking the CA Exchange Certificate (and maybe something else, I can't remember!) but somehow I think I made the problem even worse (see image attached).

Can you please help me out? Many thanks in advance!


Screenshot 2021-12-05 at 13.46.07.png

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did you try contacting the author of that guide ? clearly it cannot download something, have you tried downloading/verifying the url it's referencing ?

I'd also recommend you follow my guides instead, they work every time 🙂

Setting up PKI

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whether you start again or not is up to you, are you doing this in a lab ? did you take snapshots/checkpoints ?

did you see my comment about what the actual error referred to...

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