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Azure AD joined device is not enrolling into Intune

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Hi Everyone, 

I've tried to do some searches here but didn't narrow down to my solution.  


I've updated my licenses and upgraded Standard to now Business Premium, which now I would be able to enroll and manage my devices. 


None of the devices that are currently Azure AD Joined are enrolling into Intune.  They still show MDM none and N/A for Compliant. Now, if I would disconnect the user from the device and azure join them again, then the device will become compliant and enroll into intune.  

Spot checked: 

  • verified licenses for the users.
  • verified auto-enrollment for all users enabled MDM.
  • verified on several devices for the Device state to confirm azure AD joined and URL.
  • verified the Device settings that all users can join devices. 
  • Checked enrollment restrictions. 

My Question: 

It is odd to me that if I Azure AD join a device now, it will work, but none of the current legacy devices before the license upgrade would auto enroll.  I prefer not going to each machine and have the users unjoin and rejoin for this to work.  Is there anything i'm missing or not catching? 





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Not in the Device Event logs itself.  

But I have read some where that if the existing devices were Azure AD joined already with the standard license, then you upgrade to the intune licenses... The existing devices will not automatically join.  I'm trying to look around and confirm that as we speak.  

That might explain why it wouldn't work and if I manually unjoin the device and rejoin them, it will then enrol 

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Okay, what worked for me was reading through this article https://timmyit.com/2018/12/17/mdm-join-an-already-azure-ad-joined-windows-10-pcs-to-intune-with-a-provisioning-package/ 

I already had an RMM in placed for my side of things, so, I just used the Powershell script that he had and pushed that out to all the devices.  Once I did that, all the devices started to enroll into Intune.  

Learning Experience: 

Keep Note: If you started off with MSFT standard license and down the road you upgrade to a premium license.  The above resolution will most likely fix your problem. I have attached zip file just in case Timmy site down the road goes offline.  


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