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🃏Hello everybody!🃏

My name is Austin M.
I typically go by WatchersGrim on the internet.

Backstory: I started my computer adventures back in 04' with my first desktop computer. I had started gaming on steam as well as starting to learn about computers. My father was a Telecommunications Analyst that had worked on computers for years and just piqued my interest. Over the years, I have been a part of multiple communities online. I learned how to script in for the first time when I created my first Team Fortress 2 server. From there, I got into coding applications. Tweaking system files for phones like Samsung Androids and iPhones. To building my first system and learning hardware. I still develop my skills to this day and now at age 25, I am working with computers every single day. I am still a gamer of course but I still try and find new ways to learn more.

Current Languages I work In: Lua | Dark Basic | C# | C++ | Python 3 | Objective-C

Most Recent Project: Github - CitrusSB

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@anyweb Great question. Dark Basic was actually one of the first languages I worked on. One Christmas, my father got me a drawing tablet and the software IDE when I was young. It is just a type of coding language used for early game development software of the same name developed back in 2000. There is no real gui to change anything outside of the basic IDE interface.

If you would like to read up on it. This is a Wikibook on the subject ( DarkBASIC ) as well as a Wiki page on the creators ( The Game Creators Ltd )

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