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Deploy a application (Visual Studio 2019) wtih SCCM using the local files on the client machine as Source

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I want to deploy my Visual Studio 2019 (50 GB large) to the client machine and dont want to download it into CCMCACHE on the client machine first. As you know the Software Center download first the files into CCMCACHE, after downloding beginn to install the Application. But I have my Visual Studio Files on the local machine D:\VS

Is there anyway to use D:\VS as Source path in my deployment Type?

The Reason is that I dont want to download 50 GB on the client machine (CCMCACHE), the SCCM should use the local Files D:\VS to install the Visual Studio without download any files.

The Client machine has no internet access

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First off how are the files getting to d:\vs? if you are manually putting them their then you are using SMB which is not network aware and there are other ways to get the data within the cache before a user click install.

You can run any command you like with ConfigMgr. There are no tricks to this, just enter the execute the command line with the program or application. 

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4 hours ago, keywan said:

cannot understand your point. Is there anyway ot not? If yes how

How are you getting the files to d:\? 

And yes you can do it and there are no tricks. Do it exactly the same why do do any other program/application. Just make sure your part is correct. 

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every our client machine has that directory per default installation.

As I say dont understand what you say with do the same with program/application.

If I deploy with SCCM a application. the content are on the sccm server and should be on the network share.

So, if I deploy my VS with SCCM per default, it will download 50 GB on ccmcache. As I wrote, I will prevent it and using the content of D:\VS

But I am not sure, HOW?

do you have a example for me? Thanks for help

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