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Restore Central SCCM 2007 R2 Server

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Hi all,


I need to migrate my SCCM 2007 R2 Central Server (running on Windows 2008 Standard x64) to a new Win2008 R2 Server. I have version 4.00.6221.1000. It is parent to two child Primary sites (on Windows 2008 Std x64). The existing server is having issues but is still up and running. I also want to install SP2 in readiness for Windows 7/2008R2 deployment


The SQL database it is pointing to is staying the same. Has about 2000 clients and in a single 2003 domain


The Central Server has collections, boundries, packages, OSD's and advertisments. It is also the FSP / MP / SUP and Reporting point. However all clients point to either of the Primary Child sites as MP's depending on their location ie UK or France - and the Central is the fallback.


I have read a couple of other posts on this scenario and want to list my steps and get your expert assessment/opinions please.

Instead of doing a complicated side-by-side migration, can I do the following backup and restore?


1.do a full backup under Site Mantenenace / Tasks of the Central Server

2.Rename Windows Server holding the Central Site Server (should I do anything in SCCM itself) - or even just shut it down

3.Build new (windows 2008 R2) windows server with old central server windows name (new IP address) - What about the SCCM Site name - obviouly must stay the same?

4.Install vanilla SCCM - follow your guide for example (I used your guide to build the original servers :-))

5.Perform restore from splash.hta or DVD

6.This won't import packages and I will have to redo the Roles


this sound OK?


then I install SP2 on the new central and then the child primary's.


Many Thanks for helping

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