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how can I DEPLOY an image captured using WDS ?

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what OS is your wds server running on ?

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what OS is your wds server running on ?


Hello Anyweb and thanks for your time!


The OS the server is running is Windows 2008 standard SP2 - 32bit (fully updated)


Roles installed: DHCP and WDS

Role services installed: Deployment server and Transport server


WDS service startup type: Manual.

I changed in automatic, automatic (delayed), ... same result


Error ID's : 257-258-513.

513 says:"An error occured while trying to initialize provider WdsImgSrv from c:\windows\system32\WdsImgSrv.dll. Windows deployment server will be shut down...


And like I said, it just stopped all of a sudden (after a capture), and no way to restart it ...


Thanks again!

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Hello Anyweb,


I might have found something (no, it's not working yet ...)


I found the first error in the WDS-log, so after the capture of the laptop when WDS didn't want to start up anymore:


1. Error 1811 BINLSVC - an error occurred while checking for existence or creation of Service Control Point for BINLSVC Provider

2. Error 261 WDSXPE

3. Error 265 WDSXPE

4. Error 513 WDSSERVER


Before these entries, everything worked just fine. I had some errors and an occasional warning prior to these ones, but the WDS worked ...


Error 266 WdsImgSrv - An error occurred while refreshing settings (Error info: 0x3A)

Warning 1291 BINLSVC - An image in the WIM file D:\remoteInstall\..... does not have a System Root defined. The WDS server wil use \\windows as the default ...


Especially the 1811 error troubles me, I haven't got a clue why this problem occurred all of a sudden ... and very little info about this on the net (could be that I'm not looking in the right place ...)


I hope this info can help resolve this really annoying problem.



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You are not going to believe this ...... Just now I tried to start the WDS, and it runs again .....


The last thing I did what you asked me to do the 17th, nothing else but checking the logs ...


I am sorry that I can't give you guys the solution (other than retry to start it after a few days)!!


Anyway, thank you very much for your time Anyweb, and a happy new year to yall!!!

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I have been following your guides on how to create a image of a klient computer, I made a capture of a windows 7 system.I am use a windows 2003 R2 Server with WDS. When I try to deploy a image I cant find the one I captured. And if I try any other images it will not boot because of missing PE drivers, how do i implement third party network drivers to a image? Could I use an answer file, if so where do i place the drivers? :)


On advance thanks for your help





Never mind, figured it out :)

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I've followed your guide, but I have a few problems.


1. When adding the original boot image (boot.wim) it adds the file with no problems. When I create the capture image from it, it creates a capture file as per usual. Where it get's interesting is when I add the capture file to WDS. It creates a duplicate file and appends it with -(2).wim. Now I have 2 identical image files but only one is used.


2. When I try to boot from the Deployment file, it actually loads the windows-capture.wim file instead. It should, in theory, be loading the boot.wim file right?


I can't seem to find a way to avoid duplicate files and now I can't get the deployment file to boot. Is this setting somewhere in the bcd file?



I'm using Server 2k3 SP2 with WAIK 6.1 x86 installed.

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Part 3 - PXE boot to the WDS server


Step 1. Make sure the Network card is set to 'on w/PXE' in your bios and that you control the boot order so that it boots to PXE before anything else


Step 2. When you get the Windows Boot Manager screen after PXE booting to the WDS server, select the 'Windows Vista Setup-Deploy' option (may be labelled differently, but this label was defined in Part 1, step 7 of this post)


Step 3. After Windows PE boots you'll be presented with a Install Windows wizard, select your chosen Locale and Keyboard or input method and click next.


Step 4. When prompted enter your domain username and password, enter them and click ok to continue.


eg: Username= ris2\administrator

Password= xxxxxxxxxx


Step 5. Select the operating system you want to install from the ones in the list, in this example it is Windows Vista Ultimate Capture en-US X86. Click Next to continue.


Step 6. Where do you want to install windows? highlight the drive/partition and click next to continue or click advanced drive options if you want to format the drive, and then click on format and ok (otherwise the previous Windows installation will be renamed to Windows.old).


Step 7. Click next to continue, Windows setup will start the installation process (copying files, expanding files, installing features, installing updates, completing installation).


Congratulations, you have now successfully deployed a previously captured image using WDS.


If you found this article useful then please digg it.

Got a question here, and I know this was addressed in another post. I have tried several different combinations, when my client boots up in PXE, it allows me to select the boot image I've created but continues to tell me the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible. I have both a boot image, and the captured install image for the machine llisted. Any thoughts on what I may try next. It also does it whether machine has Windows 7 on it out of the box, or formatted.

[i e-mailed you yesterday from AK, and hoping this was the right place to post. Thank you]

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