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USMT 4.0 & USB Remote Store

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Hi all,


I'm using ConfigMgr 2007 SP2 & USMT4.0 to migrate XP Machines to Windows 7 and i'm having some difficulty configuring a Remote Store using a USB HDD. I created a script to detect the USB Drive in winpe, (and set the OSDStateStorePath) which is called in an offline migration in the TS, and it successfully runs the scanstate and saves data to the USB Device. However, on running the loadstate, it doesn't know where to find the USB Device as it appears the OSDStateStorePath TS Variable isn't being read from windows, which makes sense i guess.


Is this default behaviour and has anyone successfully been able to use USMT 4.0 it Remote Store using a USB Device? Do i need to create a new script and run it before loadstate so it knows what drive mapping the USB HDD is now using?


Any help would be appreciated?

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