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Setting Hostname before Applying Operating System

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I have a working Online Windows 7 OSD with the Unknown Computers Collection in SCCM 2007 SP2. I want to make a Offline USB deployment. I want a script to prompt for a Hostname before the Applying Operating System in the TS. If someone can post step by step procedure. I tried the MDT computername.vbs but it did not work. Do I need to add a TS Variables?



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Not sure if this will help, but this is what i use for unknown computer support and works like a charm.




I do have a VBS script in a package and run it from the TS via a run command line like the tech article say's to do. I have tried the following script computername.vbs from MDT 2010 and it fails to run in the task sequence. I get an error that the oEnvironment variable has not been defined.


Option Explicit


Dim numCount

Dim strComputerName

Dim objOSD

Dim mname


strComputerName = InputBox ("Please enter a name for the new computer:" ,"New Computer Name",mname,10,10)

if strComputerName = "" Then

Wscript.Echo "You must enter a computer name."


oEnvironment.Item("OSDNEWMACHINENAME") = strComputerName

oEnvironment.Item("OSDCOMPUTERNAME") = strComputerName

End If

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