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os deployment goes weird

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now i did a task media , ran it on one of the computers to have a capture image , of course that computer MUST BE in a workgroup in order for the task media to work correct ?


i took the capture successfully , picked in the TS install an existing OS and walked in the wizard , didnt add any additional stuff to the TS , deployed successfully and faced the following :


1) the computer wasnt joined to the domain at all ! it kept in the workgroup

2) the computer has a background of SCCM



why ???


how to fix them please , this is the 5th client i did deployment for with the same issues mentioned above , i dont know whats wrong :(

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the logs are clean and the user is a domain admin

this is happening in every deployment i do sad.gif the TS went successful for sure and the OS is deployed but as mentioned with the SCCM background and the join isnt working so its 2 problems im facing


any help please would be great



Can you check NETSETUP.log (%systemroot%\debug) if it has any useful info ?

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Are the user credentials correct that are in the task sequence? If you don't supply the correct user name and password as well as a valid path where that account has rights to create a computer account object, the machine can't join the domain...

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What does the background look like? By default the background of a deployed Windows 7 image doesn't get changed - it's the standard Microsoft ones. So maybe one of your customization settings elsewhere is out of whack. You might check in your unattend.xml file or in your OS task sequence to see if you customize things anywhere.


1. When you captured the OS, did you set the Administrator password to blank before you ran the Capture Wizard CD?

2. Before capturing, did you delete either of these two files if they existed?



3. Did you activate Windows prior to capturing it?


Just a few ideas off the top of my head...

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