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Trigger SCCM Actions on local machine

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After our machines have been built using SCCM OSD, I want to ensure that all of the cycles have been triggered, to ensure that all the outstanding updates and any software packages advertised to the client get installed as soon as possible.


I've found this - http://www.intrntpirate.com/?p=179

However, it doesnt work for me and wondered if others had a script that worked already!?




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How about This ?


actionNameToRun = "Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle"
Dim controlPanelAppletManager
Set controlPanelAppletManager = CreateObject("CPApplet.CPAppletMgr")
Dim clientActions
Set clientActions = controlPanelAppletManager.GetClientActions()
Dim clientAction
For Each clientAction In clientActions
If clientAction.Name = actionNameToRun Then
End If
wscript.echo "Executed: " & actionNameToRun


Below are other actionnames which you use to run :


'Software Metering Usage Report Cycle

'Request & Evaluate Machine Policy

'Updates Source Scan Cycle

'Request & Evaluate User Policy

'Hardware Inventory Collection Cycle

'Software Inventory Collection Cycle

'Software Updates Assignments Evaluation Cycle

'Peer DP Maintenance Task

'Discovery Data Collection Cycle

'MSI Product Source Update Cycle

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