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Deploy 7 on Mass either via WDS or SCCM?

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We currently deploy Windows 7 using an unattend.xml and the mechanism is using WDS on a 2008 r2 server.


We have a number of different machines comprising of laptops and desktops, I am finding that all the correct drivers are not being picked up once the image has been loaded onto the client. An example is the graphics card is not working on 1 particular machine unless I manually install this using the CD after it has loaded win7. I am aware that using WDS I can integrate all of our drivers for all builds of machines (e.g. NIC card, graphics, sound drivers etc) and WDS will decide which driver goes for which build. I would like to do this but am struggling to get it working.


I was wondering if others had similar issues like mine? Are there any weblinks for documentation which will allow me to do this?


I am also looking at installing System Center R3 for us to do zero touch deployment of Windows 7 with the ability to schedule the installation of Windows 7 over a weekend. We will be overseeing this but it would be great if we could leave it running overnight and come in the next day to do checks and fill in computer names etc.


I would like to do this in a way that involves less intervention from us on the client end if possible. Currently using the unattend.xml we only need to enter a computer name.


I plan to also install System Center on the same server as our WDS and MDT server which is 2008 R2 in a VMware cluster. Is this ideal or would I be better using a separate server just for sccm? I can create another server if this is necessary but thought I would ask for a second opinion.


I am also been reading and am aware I will need to do some schema changes to the AD infrastructure. If anyone has guidance or web links on how best to do this that would be greatly appreciated.



Our plan is to rollout Windows 7 to 170 machines over a weekend. I am interested in also know how much load this would be on the WDS/MDT server. We have setup WDS with multicasting in mind. Has anyone tried rolling out Windows 7 on lots of machines all at once. Does Multicasting manage the process successfully, reason I ask is it is my intention to install windows 7 on as many machines around the building, leave the process going overnight and come back the next day to check on progress, hoping that all machines have the correct WDS image and is ready to roll.


Any advice on all/some of these questions would be most appreciated.



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On the SCCM Side,

You can follow this guide to extend the schema


For the rest, we have used SCCM and VMware clusters alot and find very few issues with them once you get teething issues out of the way, this includes things like vlan's/trunking etc. it can be a pain especially if your using the newer Nexus V1000 vSwitch for vSphere.. basic things i assume you'll sort out when thinking logically about it....


We separate our SCCM Central Servers from DP's as this is going to cause you alot of traffic, for our first deployment we have a couple of DP's sitting beside our SCCM Provider to handle this workload. its choice and licensing though... so go with what you feel your environment can handle...

170 WS's id say is achievable... we run between 200-500 a session during a deployment.... but just be aware its not a simple set and forget which is where alot of deployments come undone... you need to set them off and hang around for an hour or so... especially if multi casting as in our experience it seem to be still a tad on the flakey side... nothing worse than 80users showing up Monday morning without a PC to use....


I would suggest you stick with smaller groups over a few nights, ESPECIALLY if migrating from XP....


Is there any reason you couldn't script your pc naming?


There's some more to go with all this but i suggest you pick a pilot target of 10-20 desktops and push it out on a Wednesday night so you have a couple of days to iron out the kinks.... and there will be kinks.





For your driver issue, i'd be using SCCM if possible, and be building Driver Packs per http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2428-how-to-create-a-driver-package/ .... read the whole post, checkout how to query WMI and install drivers that way if you have more concerns.



Im not a huge fan of using just MDT and WDS to deploy, to much extra scripting required to get your basics setup..... this is just my experience and 2cents

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