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Collections losing computers

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Hey all, we are noticing some strange behaviour with our SCCM collections. We've been using SCCM for about 6 months and are noticing machines disappearing from our Collections. SCCM is currently installed on Win Srv 2008 R2, and we have 1 domain with ~27 child domains.


Our currently structure is manually created Collections, with the "Update this collection on a schedule" unchecked. We then assign Task Sequences to the Collections (imaging machines from bare metal) and import computers manually into their proper collections (via file/individual).


It seems that about 1/2-3/4 of our machines are now missing from our Collections. If we go into the properties of the Collection, then Membership Rules, we can search for the computer (System Resource, Name) and can manually re-add them that way. But this brings a big problem when we try to distribute any software to our current structure without having to re-add all our machines.


Also, if we import a file that has, for example, 100 machines and 50 of the machines are ones that are missing from SCCM they will not show up in the collection we're trying to add them too. This means if i want to create a brand new Collection and import ALL computers, only 1/4 of them will show up and I have to manually add all of them through the Membership Rules.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Just a note, the only Discovery Method I've enabled is the Heartbeat Discovery and is running at a 6 hour interval. I'm also attaching a screenshot of our current SQL tasks to run, incase I have something setup incorrectly.


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I too had machines dropping out of collections. In our environment it turned out to be a DNS issue (worth a check). Computers that were dropping out weren't actually resolving correctly.

Test: Do an NSLOOKUP on a computer that has dropped out and see if it resolves correctly.

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Hey Brian, thanks for the reply. I ran a nslookup and ping to one of the machines that has dropped from a Collection and it does resolve properly. So not sure if it could still be DNS or not :S


Another note, we use DeepFreeze in our environment but the SCCM client is installed on a Thawed partition so shouldn't cause an issue but figured I'd mention it for troubleshooting purposes :)


Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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