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i'm new here and need some help.


I build a Test Environment with VMWare. Server 2008R2, Domaincontroller with SCCM 2007R2/SP2. The Testmachine was in the same subnet and i was able to pxe boot the client and deploy windows 7.


Now i need some help to realize sccm with pxe boot in our production environment.

Some words about our environment:


2 Domains with trust.

SCCM is - not Domaincontroller, not DNS, not DHCP Server

SCCM is in Domain A, DHCP is in Domain B

SCCM 10.77.x.x

DHCP Server 10.17.x.x

PXE Client 10.16.x.x


The client gets an ip from the DHCP Server. After getting the IP an error occurs:

PXE-E55 ProxyDHCP did not reply to request on port 4011


What i have to configure to pxe boot the client?

SCCM Status is green, WDS is running on SCCM Server.

If disabled the Software Firewall





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Don´t make any changes to your DHCP.

You should ask a communications technician to help you setup an ip helper on the subnet where you have your clients.


This IP helper should point to your WDS server.

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