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Problem migrating using USMT 4.0 - Windows XP to Windows 7

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I am having trouble usint USMT, for some reason i am unable to use a network UNC path for the StorePath location (where the Mig file is supposed to be created and then used by loadstate, i was able to work around the problem for the scanstate by Mapping the UNC path as a network drive, but no i am just not able to use any network path for the loadstate (if i move the mig file locally it will transfer no problems)


here is the log file:


2011-06-12 10:12:17, Info [0x000000] USMT Started at 2011/06/12:10:12:17.236

2011-06-12 10:12:17, Info [0x000000] Command line: loadstate.exe \\k2\Backup\USMTEST /i:C:\Program Files\USMT\MigUser.xml /i:C:\Program Files\USMT\Migapp.xml /i:C:\Program Files\USMT\Printers.xml /v:13 /c /all

2011-06-12 10:12:17, Status [0x000000] Activity: 'MIGACTIVITY_COMMAND_LINE_PROCESSING'

2011-06-12 10:12:17, Info [0x000000] Failed.[gle=0x00000002]

2011-06-12 10:12:17, Info [0x000000] An error occurred processing the command line.

loadstate.exe ##ERROR## --> \\k2\Backup\USMTEST /i:C:\Program Files\USMT\MigUser.xml /i:C:\Program Files\USMT\Migapp.xml /i:C:\Program Files\USMT\Printers.xml /v:13 /c /all

Settings store argument specified is invalid[gle=0x00000002]

2011-06-12 10:12:17, Info [0x000000] USMT Completed at 2011/06/12:10:12:17.283[gle=0x00000002]

2011-06-12 10:12:17, Info [0x000000] Entering MigShutdown method

2011-06-12 10:12:17, Info [0x000000] Leaving MigShutdown method



i do not understand what is wrong with the syntax, and why it doesn't work, the path given is a network share with full permmisions for everyone.


would be glad for some advice, i remmemeber last time i used usmt it worked no problem from the network.


thank you.

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