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Trung Thanh

Install Operation Console Opalis

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At first, the most difficult to install Opalis Operation Console is finding requirements such as JAR extensions, the web environment is running with JAVA not ASP or PHP, it's strange for me. Too much time to waste to find and test. I upload all file JAR to All JAR 4 Operation Console


In this topic, I notes some steps need to do success installing Opalis Operation Console. Now, installing JAVA JDK 1.6 update 4, if you use Windows 2008 may be need update 16.


Install JAVA JDK with default setting.



Set the Environment Variables for JAVA, right-click on My computer | Properties | Advanced | click Environment Variables | See below and click on New on System Variables | Type JAVA_HOME and set path to C:\program files\java\java1.6.0_04 (the path may be different).





Now click Ok to complete and find the Path and double click to edit %HOME_JAVA%\bin at the end.





Extract Jboss4.2.3.GA to folder which you expected to run JBoss, the best way like [drive]:\JBoss




After extracting Jboss, navigate to Libraries which contained all JAR files - downloaded from mediafire link. Double-click on JAXWS2.1.2-20070917.JAR and accept the agreement. Please check again folder jaxws-ri\bin is created.






After that, we need to set Jboss environment, I think if you read manual Opalis Integrated Admin Guide, it's not useful and many steps to do. You can find the script to set up environment on Opalis Operation Console Script from Opalis Source CD. This script is powershell script and need to execute with powershell 2.0. Extract and complete with tasks.



OK, now we running the scripts and set policy to execute script with set-excutionpolicy







Press Y to continue




Navigate to OpOpalisInstaller folder and execute script




You must to complete information with Servername, Authentication Method (Windows Authentication and SQL Authentication), database name, LDAP or browse to find Source for 2 or 3 steps at first.



It's done, now we check the result, click Start | Programs | Opalis Software | Operation Console and you can see...




Why? Because no Jboss server runs, we need to start Jboss by running run.bat from Jboss\Jboss-4.2.3.GA\bin folder at command-line.




F5 to see again





It's finish.


Notes: Admin Guide for Opalis is too complex to do, but need to understand how to opalis works.

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