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SUP on 2 different sites

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Require some information on how to manage 2 SUP sites: Below is a quick overview of what i have:


1. a) Have a Central Primary site with SQL DB and SUP installed with WSUS......... Site is P01.... this hosts all Headquarters machines.... updates work and installs without issue.

2. a) Have a 2nd Primary site called P02 which sits at a different site accross a WAN called which is a Child Primary site of P01. On this site, i have WSUS installed and configured SUP to download from upstream main WSUS server which is P01.


My question is this, how do i control P02 machines using SUP from the Child Site... Reason is the bandwidth is not great from P01 and copying packages from P01 to P02 is not cutting it.

If i look at P02 update lists, i can see those updates have been downloaded.


If i am correct, there is no way to manage Updates from P02 as it looks at P01 for those updates been downloaded and to bring accross the WAN to the DP at P02. Am i right.....

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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You can only have a single active Software Update Point (SUP) per SCCM hierarchy.




Putting the SUP role on the central site is your best bet. Remember that only software update metadata is retrieved from the SUP -- the actual package content is pulled from local distribution points that have replicas of your software updates packages. If you're having trouble distributing your software update packages across the WAN, I'd suggest re-evaluating the configuration of your distribution points. Usually DPs handle low-bandwidth / high-latency links pretty well, but if not, maybe you need to restrict their transfer rates a bit manually.


Hope this helps.



Trevor Sullivan



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Little add-on to this. You can have one active Software Update Point per (Central/ Primary/ Secondary) Site.. So it is possible to put a SUP on the Central (which synchronizes with MS) and then a SUP per Primary (which synchronizes with the Central).


See also: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb633245.aspx

All primary sites in the Configuration Manager hierarchy must have an active software update point. The child site synchronizes with the active software update point configured for the parent site. Secondary site servers can be configured with an active software update point, or client computers at the secondary site can connect directly to the active software update point on the parent primary site.

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