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Question on OSD task sequence variable

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My company use only one OSD task sequence to deploy both Winxp and Win7 OS.

The new bare metal PC should be register into a assets management system, with a few info (MAC,PC name,OS version)

Then we can boot from PXE and the PC will apply the right OS version from SCCM.


I found there was some variables used in OSD task sequence to define which OS should be applied?

But in collection and computer options, I can not find the variables where it was defined?


Is there any other way that the variable can be created or defined?


thank you very much.

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I use a front end to allow the person building the machine to totally customize the build. Each option is represented by a variable that gets attached to the computer object in sccm. If you look at the second tab on all task sequence steps, you'll see a spot where you can tell the step to only happen if a task sequence variable is set to a specific variable. When you run the sequence, if there is a variable on the computer object, it "becomes" a task sequence variable and you can use it to control what happens.


I use about 40 different variables to control my Windows 2008 builds. Works like a champ. The hardest part is getting the variable attached to the computer object, but once you get past that, its cake.


To manually add or view variables, look at the computer object in sccm in the collection node.

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If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to apply an operating system based on collection membership, but using only one task sequence?


I would create two (or more) collections called XP Builds & Win7 Builds and give them a Collection Variable 'DESIREDOSTYPE' with a value of 'WINXP' or 'WIN7' depending on the collection. This technet article should help: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb680526.aspx


Then in my task sequence I would have two steps, one to deploy my XP image and one to deploy my Win7 image, both configured with the conditon 'Task Sequence Variable' 'is Equal to' either 'WINXP' or 'WIN7' as appropriate.

Using this method means you can also add or remove other steps (software or drivers for example) using the same method,


When you add a computer to SCCM with the import computer wizard, you can specify the collection to be added to, as desired.


Personally though, I would have two seperate task sequences (cloned as neccesary) with two adverts pointing to two seperate collections. But that's just me!

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