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Beginners question...client install condition

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Hi and firstly I want to say a huge thanks for these forums and the help they've provided me!


Now on to my question :)


We have a single SCCM 2007 R2 setup that services multiple branch offices in a single AD Domain (mixed mode).


Ordinarily SCCM pushes the client to all machines that are discovered via AD system discovery, what I wanted to ask was is there some script or method of identifying if a machine has a certain .txt file on it's C: drive (this .txt file is created at the time of the successful SCCM client install) and if the .txt files exists then SCCM does not push down/cache the client installation package...however if the .txt file is not found on the machine the client package will proceed with the download and installation?


Please forgive me if there is some native or inherent way of doing this as I am still very much getting the grip of SCCM slowly.


This would be run once a week against all machines that have been discovered within the AD sites and populated in SCCM.


Many thanks in advance for any help or advice.



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You could certainly create some sort of wrapper script to be used, but what is it you're trying to do exactly? Are you trying to determine which of your AD machines does not yet have the SCCM client installed and running, and to push it out to them?

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Honestly if this is just about deploying the client and maintaining it on remote machines, thats not the way to go about it in my opinion.


Just let the normal 2 methods handle it. and run a report to show that package is reboot pending, or failed, complete. etc...


One thing to note I previously had issue with ccm client not getting installed due to the domain account being used not able to attach to the $admin$ share.


if this is happening for you add the MACHINE NAME $ to the local Admin group using GPO via an AD GROUP e.g. " Workstation_Admins".

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