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Tips for Secondary site, Deploy OS, application etc.

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I have a branch office, where i have a RODC. And i have for the first time installed a secondary site, on this server (SCCM 2007 SP1), the roles installed are:

Component server,



PXE point

Site server

SIte sytem.


I installed this a few days ago to be able to install the SCCM client on the computers to get reports working etc. And it seems to work OK!


I am going to this office next week, and one of the tasks while im there is to confirm that the SCCM works, OSD etc.


But i am not sure that the OSD etc will work, how can i confirm from the headquater that the OSD works? I dont have wake on lan and i dont have a local machine in the branch office that i can test to send a OSD to.


Is there any step that you guys have found tricky when configuring OSD in a secondary site?

I have checked so all the Package that's needed for the OSD is on the secondary site DP. (I have done this manually, should i do the "Transfer Site Settings" to be sure or what is this function?)

I have fixed all errors in the Site Status page so it's now green!


What else can i do from here before i go there? And anything that i should have in mind when i go there?




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why not use SP2 as SP1 is not supported anymore.

to verify OSD is working simply setup a Virtual Machine at that site, and pxe boot the VM

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